What is SMS Text Marketing

SMS marketing providers enable businesses to send business SMS text messages to customers directly from a computer. Providers of this service have grown in popularity due to an increase of mobile phones use in the market which in turn has led to popularity of SMS text marketing. The SMS marketing is preferred to other marketing means, including phones calls, due to its affordability and ease of execution. A business can send a simple business message to multiple recipients but cannot talk to more than one person at a time over the phone. Talking on the phone also spends additional time which might be spent doing something else. These among other factors have contributed to the rise in popularity of SMS text marketing.

A business can use the text messaging service from a computer to remind customers of appointments or promotions or to arrange meetings. Viewing of text messages by recipients is almost guaranteed and one is more likely to draw a response from a mobile phone text message than an email or pamphlet.

SMS marketing service providers sell messages in bundles or packages to willing businesses willing to advertise over the phone. These providers, as explained earlier, enable businesses to send phone messages from computers. This makes texting easier as typing on a computer keyboard is much faster to most people than on a phone keypad.

The SMS marketing companies also offer branding service to customers. Through message branding, a business can be able to send more credible messages to customers. This is because customers receive such messages with the name of the business displayed on them instead of the usual phone number.

SMS marketing companies also guarantee security of text messages. They do not tamper with messages received, instead they just store them and forward to customers. Messages sent from the businesses are sent to the SMS marketing companies in an encrypted form, the same form in which they are stored. The messages are only decrypted while being sent to customers.

Incase there are fraudsters or impostors taking advantage of the promotions of a business by sending messages of their own, the SMS marketing service providers can use their technology to track such people and bring them to justice.

A business’s choice of an SMS marketing company is very important. A business should compare several companies before settling on one. Factors that can be considered before settling on one include; the cost of the message bundles, availability of branding services and their charge, reach of the company – whether it is widespread over a wide region so as to reach more audiences – and reputation of the company among other factors.

As the popularity of the mobile SMS text marketing increase, the major businesses are likely to develop their own systems of sending and managing text messages instead of relying on the services of the SMS marketing companies. However, reliance on those companies by the smaller businesses is likely to continue as more and more businesses attempt to stay ahead of the competition in marketing.