What is SMS Marketing?

The basic operation behind sms marketing is the use of cell phones to advertise various products and services. The norm in business advertising today is to use mobile technology to market various products to a certain audience. The people to be advertised to should be ones who rely on their mobile phones in receiving information as well as making and receiving phone calls. This marketing strategy enables businesses to reach out to consumers when they have offers that are time sensitive to be given in a certain location.

The essence behind sms marketing is to use cell phones in sending messages that are meant to market certain products. This marketing means requires permission from the mobile users. The people who will receive the information on their mobile phones should be those who have opted-in on their own. The messages sent by advertisers have to be about 160 characters or less. If they are longer, customers are likely not to read through the messages. The basic in mobile advertising is to know that people don’t read through long messages on mobile devices, they simply skim through and if there is nothing that will capture their attention, they won’t continue reading. The information should be relevant to the targeted persons.

There are certain benefits of sms marketing. Messages that are sent on mobile phones are received immediately. The mode does not allow for loss in communication, advertisers are assured that once they send the message; it would be delivered to the target audience because it’s not easy to ignore text messages. E-mails and other communication means can be ignored or even deleted before they are read. The method is also pocket friendly and does not require investment of too much time in ensuring success.

The potential of sms marketing is huge. Mobile phone users want to receive certain information that is meant for their locations. This creates a great demand for marketing on mobile phones. The demand for this service keeps growing and its widely expected t reach record levels in the near future.

People use sms marketing for different reasons. A majority of consumers target the strategy as a means of getting promotional items and discounts. This has made advertisers to continually use this tactic to supplement the marketing campaigns of organizations. The recipient in this case has the choice to opt-in on the service which makes them receptive to the information that will be sent their way.

There are more than two billion users of sms as a form of communication. Short message service is the most used data application on the globe. Users actively exchange and receive messages using sms. This is the trend in poor as well as relatively developed economies. The number of people using the service keeps growing each day. Compared to other advertising strategies, marketing on mobile phones is much cheaper than using other conventional advertising strategies.

The strategy offers convenience unlike in any other means. This is on account of the fact that it’s so easy to use and does not require too much input from the recipient. These advantages have contributed to the immense growth in sms marketing.