What is SMS Business Marketing?

Phone marketing via Short Message Service and Multi Media Messaging has rubbed on many companies. Some companies have got the art of marketing through phone texting correctly but other companies are still struggling to make gains in the field. Breakthroughs in phone text marketing depend on the strategies employed by the business looking to sell its products to customers. There are several ways that companies struggling in phone marketing field can use to improve their fortunes and these ways are discussed below.

When attempting to advertise through mobile phone texting, a company should realize that they have limited space in which to do that. This means that a business should think of ways in which to simplify their messages while still keeping them catchy and maintaining the information they are intended to deliver. This is because people hate scrolling through their phones to read long messages, especially when they are promotional messages as opposed to complimentary messages from a loved one.

Businesses should also realize that the only message that can put a smile on a person’s face when received late at night is one from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Phone text marketers should, therefore get the timing of their messages correctly and avoid sending them at odd hours of the night.

A business should also ensure that they clearly identify from who the message is sent from. This is because high cases of mobile phones fraud causes most people to view unidentified promotional messages with suspicions. Businesses are usually advised to find a mobile marketing service provider that can brand their messages as this would make them appear more genuine to skeptic recipients. SMS branding refers to a service where a mobile phone marketing company programs the messages of a business so that every time they are sent, the name of the business or any other preferred name appears as the source of the message instead of a phone number. This branding adds credibility to the promotion campaign of a business.

The promotional message should not leave any loophole and should be completely self explanatory. This means that the message should explain a course of action to take, for example contact information, incase a customer decides to buy the product being promoted. The company should also provide clear and around the clock available means of contact incase a potential customer decides to contact the business for enquiries.

While sending Multi Media Messages or even the SMS, a marketer should always test the message by sending it to their phones to preview the format and appearance as well as to check for spelling or other errors. Previewing is, especially critical in case of MMS texting. This is because an image can get distorted during the sending process or an audio file can end up being inaudible. It is therefore, important to preview such files on one’s phone to ensure they are sent properly. By observing these guidelines and others not covered here a business can be assured of some impact through mobile phone text marketing.