What is SMS Promotions?

SMS promotions have become very popular mainly due to the fact that customers receive messages of a promotion immediately. Additionally, unlike other forms of promotions including emails, close to 100% of all text messages get opened, and most of them trigger a response within minutes. As a result of this, mobile marketing can be considered to be real time.

Most mobile phone message promotions are opt-in, which means that customers choose whether to subscribe to the promotions or not. As a result of this, the messages from such advertisers cannot be considered to be intrusive like some other form of advertising such as use of door to door sales persons. This lack of intrusiveness means that customers enjoy receiving the messages

In SMS promotions, an advertiser sends advertisements in form of messages to customers or potential customers who have subscribed to receive them. Advertisers usually give every consumer a unique keyword that they are supposed to text to a given number. For the customers who send the keyword, they receive an SMS message back that prompts them to confirm whether they wish to subscribe or not. After consumers have subscribed, an advertiser only needs to send a message to those customers when there is a communication like a promotion to make.

SMS promotions have become the fastest growing advertising strategy recently to promote brands, companies, services and institutions. Doctors and other medical practitioners can save time and money by sending messages to their clients to remind them of upcoming appointments. A convention can message participants’ hotel openings, or special offers from restaurants. Night clubs message revelers about who is playing or performing on a weekend among many other possibilities.

Compared to other forms of marketing such as newspapers, radio, TVs or other traditional means of advertising, SMS promotions are inexpensive, instant and personal. A mobile phone is a personal device that a person is unlikely to leave behind regardless of their destination. Sending an SMS message creates a greater bond between a business and a customer than, for example, a billboard.

Furthermore, SMS promotions are a new viable means of creating customer loyalty, increase awareness and increase sales. With technological advances in mobile phones designs on the upswing, SMS promotions are destined for rapid growth. SMS marketing is being adopted among people who use their mobile device at all times. It provides a mode of connecting with a potential buyer when they are most likely to do so.

Another advantage of SMS promotions and mobile marketing at large when compared to other forms of advertising is that it provides instant traffic. This means that such marketing can be referred to as real time marketing because customers receive a promotional message immediately.

A good look at SMS promotions and mobile advertising at large shows that this means of advertising is way ahead of other competing modes of advertising. This is because apart from being cheap, it is also effective and as explained earlier it provides a real time marketing experience. Mobile marketing is therefore, expected to continue with its rapid growth in coming years.