Common Mistakes in SMS Promotions

SMS promotions being a relatively new way of advertising means that experience has not yet crept into the industry and many players are making newbie mistakes in their campaigns of SMS promotions. Some of the common mistakes committed by players in the industry and ways of fixing them are listed below.

Some businesses run relatively successful SMS promotions but make the mistake of overlooking customer information. Capturing customer information during a promotion is very important. This is because such information can be used by the business in future promotions to market to those customers.

Shrewd businessmen and marketers include a call to action in their promotional messages. This allows customers to either opt in or out of future SMS promotions. Businesses can even go further and collect those numbers accompanied by the names of the customers so that in future, personified SMS promotions with the names of those customers can be sent to them. This is bound to impress such customers as people love personal appreciation and personified address.

A business should make sure they inform the customers if they collect their information for future promotions. Deceiving customers by collecting their information without telling them and then surprising them with future promotions is never a good idea. Such customers can turn hostile, especially if they were not impressed by the initial promotions.

Businesses should, therefore be honest and clear and tell a customer that they might be targeted for future promotions from the business. A customer can then decide whether to opt in or out of such a deal.

Unauthorized use of lists of mobile phone subscribers is also a mistake that some businesses make. Access of records of mobile subscribers of a particular mobile phone service provider should be done within the law as they are several laws and guidelines that guide such a process. This is due to the need to protect customer information and customers themselves from being targets of fraudsters or unscrupulous business people.

Apart from losing credibility and ruining the reputation of the business, accessing records in such an unauthorized manner can lead to a law suit which can result in a heavy fine or a ban from participating in future SMS promotions.

Sending of multiple messages is also a common mistake. The enthusiastic practice of sending numerous SMS promotions messages in a bid to emphasize a point can be very annoying. Customers consider such messages as a nuisance equivalent to spam messages in email messages. A single message is enough to capture a person’s attention and get them thinking. Any subsequent similar messages are only bound to cause annoyance, especially since most people open received messages with a lot of anticipation and curiosity and therefore, are likely to get irritated by opening a text message only to find it is the same promotion again and again.

SMS promotions should, therefore be carried out with a lot of tact and strategy to avoid achieving the exact opposite of what a business hoped for when customers get irritated instead of excited by promotions.