Mobile Phone Marketing Opportunities

Traditional ways of advertising like billboards, televisions, newspapers and to some extent the internet are usually ignored by the people they are meant to appeal to. As a result, marketers have been searching for ways to transmit their message to customers more effectively. Mobile phones marketing provide this opportunity as the messages sent on cell phones reach the target directly and it is almost guaranteed that mobile phone owners will read messages received on their phones.

With billions of mobile phone subscribers all over the world, mobile phone marketing provides a big opportunity and a large market for advertisement by marketers. With the mobile phones spread across generations and with majority of the youths in most countries having cell phones, advertisers have had to switch ways of advertising in a bid to appeal to the youth.

The large population of youths with mobile phones has attracted a lot of new age advertisers who seek to improve their advertisements and connect them to users depending on their lifestyles. Advertisers, for example, have used songs, sounds and videos to appeal to the youths who use such songs as their ringtones. Others have integrated audio adverts with the cell phone voice mail where an audio advert is played before the voice mail message is recorded.

Many companies have also used mobile phones to increase sales of their products and attract more customers. More and more companies are collaborating with mobile phones service providers to have customers pay for essential services like electricity, water and other similar services through their mobile phones. Such initiatives attract customers to companies offering such services as it makes paying their bills easier. Some retail chains across the world have also followed the example and extended similar initiatives to customers in a bid to stay ahead of the competition.

Apart from their effectiveness, mobile marketing has other advantages over traditional means of advertising. One advantage is that they are quick; a message sent over the phone takes seconds to reach its target when the phone networks are clear. Furthermore, preparation of promotional messages takes less time and fewer resources compared to other advertisement means like television commercials which require a lot of dramatization, planning and resources. Furthermore, such television commercials are not guaranteed to reach their audiences due to factors like unavailability of viewers due to other commitments as the commercials air, or power loss etc.

It is as a result of these reasons, among others, that many marketers have decided to switch their form of advertising from the more traditional means to the relatively new but more effective mobile phone marketing and the extent to which advertisers can market themselves seem limitless.

As indicated earlier, other forms of advertising including the big billboards on highways and streets or even television adverts can be ignored. However, mobile phone adverts, specifically SMS adverts can hardly be ignored by mobile phone users. Through SMS adverts, advertisers can achieve the effectiveness they always strive for and it is no surprise, therefore, that mobile phones marketing have become largely popular.