Mobile Phone Advertising

Mobile phone advertising refers to advertising or marketing through a mobile phone. This form of advertising has become largely popular recently due to the increased use of cell phones all over the world. With the mobile devices spread out in all corners of the world, and due to their affordability to even the poor, this mode of advertising is only bound to get more popular among advertisers.

Advertising through the phone can take various forms including Short Message Service (SMS), and Multi Media Messaging (MMS). Some marketers also place banners on mobile phones either at the bottom or the top of the screen in what is known as mobile phone web banners or mobile phone web posters.

Advertisements can also be placed within mobile phones games and mobile phone videos. Other mobile phone advertisements are integrated with popular links and appear when a particular mobile web page is loading up.

Other ways include audio advertising which can be programmed to be played right before a voice mail recording, or audio advertising as one carries out a phone based task like paying a bill.

In mobile advertising, especially SMS, marketers create promotions or messages that are catchy, appealing and funny in a bid to make them viral and have them forwarded by recipients reaching a greater audience in the process.

Due to a wide range of mobile phones technology, marketers making advertisements over the mobile phones are usually faced with a choice on which social group they are targeting. This is because lower income groups are unlikely to have internet enabled, 3rd generation (3G), or video playing mobile phones and it would be more effective to appeal to such audiences through SMS marketing than audio files or mobile web page banners. Similarly, adverts aimed at the younger generation are likely to have more impact if communicated through popular means like the internet, videos or mobile phone games.

News networks have taken to mobile advertising with many sending regular news updates as well as breaking news via SMS to subscribers for a minimal fee. Retail chains giants have also taken to SMS campaigns, especially during the festive periods when they send promotions via mobile phone SMS.

The SMS mobile advertising is preferred by most advertisers because it is viewed as responsive. This is because most people always move around with their phones and almost always read all their received messages. Furthermore, SMS messages are delivered quickly and all the mobile phones in the market have the capacity to receive messages unlike internet which is inaccessible in some lower market phones.

Politicians have also entered into the mobile phones marketing with some of them marketing their candidacy and selling their policies through mobile phones, whether through SMS or mobile web pages and banners.

It is clear that mobile phone advertising has made a major impact and it is only bound to get more popular among marketers. Advertisers will turn to this technology in a bid to stay ahead of competition as well as to reach greater audiences at cheaper costs.