Mobile Promotion

Mobile promotion is an innovative way of communication that uses mobile phones as a media to impact the target population in an effective way at any place and time. Use of the mobile phone as a device for interaction by businesses can strengthen the connection between the business, its staff and the public at large.

Some of the forms in which the mobile phones deliver promotional messages are through alerts, polls on satisfaction rate of customers, status of placed orders, and incentives on sales among other direct marketing actions.

Mobile phones enable interactivity between market stakeholders and there is nothing more efficient than establishing a direct connection with customers and potential customers and engaging them in a personal way.

Advertising via mobile phones can be through WAP banners, adverts integrated in games, ringtones, wallpapers, music videos and advert videos as well as alerts which are all usually sponsored content by advertisers, especially the big brands.

WAP, which is present in internet enabled phones, provides a virtual environment for mobile users to surf, learn about and interact with an advertised product or brand at any place and anytime. Mobile phones, being personal, allow a phone user to spend as much time as he or she want interacting with a brand and learning more about it, unlike the situation in adverts on television, which are usually run within restricted time limits and at preset times, which means that one can miss them due to other commitments that coincide with that preset time of airing the advert. Furthermore, one cannot replay adverts played on television.

Mobile promotions open a new means of quickly directing people to one’s events, reducing operational costs, eliminating tiresome queues and bringing innovation to a company’s brand. Companies can increase their customer base and improve their present customer satisfaction with the delivery of sales incentives messages. Furthermore, integration of mobile phones applications with QR codes means that cell phone users can use their smart-phones to make payments or store school schedules among many other QR codes applications.

The potential of advertising in mobile phones is very high and only slightly tapped. Unexpected people like politicians are also turning to mobile promotions to sell their candidacy and policies and increase their votes. Apart from the more conventional ways of advertising via mobile web banners, Politicians are also using the SMS service to send campaign and supportive messages to phone users mainly with details of their policies, achievements and campaign schedules. Politicians have realized that SMS marketing is better than other traditional means of advertising normally used by politicians like newspaper ads, posters among other print ads. This is because SMS messages are guaranteed to reach their targets unlike the ads in the other advertisement modes which can be ignored. Campaign posters can also be vandalized by political rivals before their message reaches the target population.

Mobile advertising is therefore, certain to continue growing in all fields of the society from politics to the education sector, to agriculture and every other marketable field in society.