Mobile Marketing Strategy

There has been so much attention accorded to the technique and many companies are going out to get the service. Today, the use of mobile phones as a communication tool has proliferated all groups in society. Many people own one type of mobile phone or device. However, when using the tool as a marketing strategy, the strategy should have certain characteristics that will make it the most favorable.

It should be able to reach a large audience of potential customers. The strategy should augur well with text messaging. The latter has become integral in the lives of people throughout the world. This makes it a very useful tool for reaching a massive audience. There are more than 3 billion people worldwide who actively use text messaging as a communication means.

The strategy should have credulity that is built in on its features. It should not be easy to ignore. This is why e-mails are not a very effective means of advertising because a person can decide to delete them or even ignore before reading through. Also, most people assume that e-mails contain detailed messages that they need to read when they are settled in their offices or at home. This postponement leads to failure in reading the messages. The mobile marketing strategy is most effective because people assume that messages sent on mobile phones don’t need much concentration to get the message, therefore they can even read them while undertaking other activities. This makes the option credible.

The mobile marketing strategy should be easy to integrate with other marketing methods. Several companies have used mobile marketing with their newspapers, TV, billboard and radio ads among others. This will make the mobile marketing method enhance the reception of the other marketing strategies.

The strategy should also have the capability to have some form of customer service feature or be able to reach out to the consumers of an organization. It should be able to gain the trust of the readers so that they can opt-in on the service promoted. The strategy should be one that changes the minds of people from thinking of information as content rather than advertisement.

There are a number of marketing strategies that use the sms platform. These include coupon marketing, customer surveys and service reminders. Coupon marketing involves enticing consumers by giving out sms coupons as a promotional strategy. This promotion can have a number of layers. Customers can be requested to ask for coupons when they shop for certain products at certain locations. A number can be given which customers can dial and hear certain information. If they listen to the end, they are given a coupon that is sent to them in form of a text.

Customer surveys involve conducing polls on certain issues. The information gleaned from such a promotion can be used by companies to develop their products, take measures that enhance brand recognition among other issues.

Service reminder is a mobile marketing strategy that involves sending messages to consumers reminding them of certain undertakings that they are supposed to perform at a certain time.