Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile marketing refers to advertisements made via mobile phones. This type of marketing involves use of Short Message Service (SMS), Multi Media Messaging (MMS), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), Bluetooth, infrared, mobile web and social media and mobile applications like games. Its popularity has led to emergence of numerous companies offering mobile marketing solutions.

This form of advertising is very effective in the current times due to the wide spread use of phones. Depending on the type of phone and target population of an advert, the advertisements carried out over cell phones can take different forms from a simple SMS, especially when targeting the low income population whose phones might not be internet enabled, to other forms of advertising like mobile web banners, click-ons, videos and even mobile games.

Mobile marketing also happens to be cheaper than the traditional forms of advertising, both to the advertiser and the consumer. Furthermore, mobile adverts are usually simple to understand and do not consume a lot of time as they are usually straight to the point. With the increased affordability of internet or GPRS enabled phones, internet marketing via mobile phones has become popular, especially, among the youths. With the amount of time spent by youths online, advertisers can afford a smile as these youths usually have enough time to view messages without interruptions, like the case with television ads, which are usually afforded limited time and can be missed in a jiff.

Internet enabled phones also increase the exposure of ads placed in popular sites, such as football sites which are usually accessed by mostly the youths through their GPRS enabled mobile phones to view results of games or match schedules. However, social sites are the undisputed winners when it comes to mobile phones web advertising. This is because almost every teenager or youth and even some older people who own internet enabled phones are registered members in at least one of the numerous available social sites like FaceBook and Twitter or relationship and dating sites.

These types of social sites are the most popular means of advertising by most mobile phone marketers. The means of advertising in such sites involves strategic placement of advert banners, catchy links that appeal to internet users to click-on, and pop ups among others.

Outside of the internet, marketers also carry out mobile advertising through MMS. In this type of mobile advertising, an advertiser sends pictorial messages, audio adverts, or slide shows to subscribers. This form of mobile advertising is not very popular largely because not many people have phones that support MMS in addition to MMS texting being more expensive than SMS. MMS messages can also get corrupted as they are being delivered resulting in an undelivered message.

SMS, on the other hand are more popular than MMS in advertising and they are also cheaper. This type of mobile phone advertising is almost guaranteed to trigger a response as phone users rarely ignore messages. Funny and catchy messages can also be forwarded by recipients, which mean that catchy messages from advertisers have a likelihood of going viral without an extra charge on the advertiser.