Best Mobile Marketing Strategy

More and more organizations are factoring in mobile marketing strategy when considering their marketing budgets. This signifies the importance that most organizations today place in mobile marketing. A successful mobile marketing strategy considers many factors and some of these factors are discussed below.

An organization should always consider the consumer insights. By doing this, organizations are likely to learn of past poor experiences and frustrations suffered by consumers in mobile marketing and avoid a repeat of the same.

Apart from consumers’ frustrations, organizations, while formulating their strategy, should also consider frustrations suffered by other mobile phone marketers. By learning of such frustrations and mistakes committed by such marketers, an organization can be able to formulate a strategy that will result in a better performance without a repeated occurrence of the same mistakes and frustrations.

Organizations should also establish a customer service department dedicated to enquiries and complaints from consumers during the mobile marketing period. Quick solutions to consumer problems and complaints can save a situation before it deteriorates to company’s image tainting levels.

A good strategy formulates the types and content of messages to be sent out on the promotions at an early stage and rolls out a testing program to ensure the way the message are received is the way they are meant to be received.

Organizations should also decide the manner in which they are going to go about sending the messages. They should decide whether to hire the services of a mobile marketing company to provide packages or bundles of messages and managing the entire sending process or whether to develop their own system which is more costly.

For organizations with their own systems, the staff should be properly trained o the handling of the mobile marketing technology as a simple mistake might result in delivery of multiple messages to consumers which would end up irritating the consumers.

The format of mobile marketing should also be decided and budgeted for at an early stage. The organization should decide whether to use an SMS promotion or a Multi Media service (MMS) promotion. An MMS promotion is more complex than an SMS one and consequently it is more expensive.

A decision should also be made at an early stage of strategizing on whether the organization plans a single mobile marketing promotion or whether they plan to have subsequent promotions in the future. This will enable the organization to decide on whether to collect customer information, for future promotions, during the maiden promotion.

An organization should also identify their targeted group of consumers before embarking on the mobile marketing exercise. They should consider whether the products they intend to promote are sellable through mobile marketing or whether they should consider other promotional means. This is important as funds can be saved if it is determined that mobile marketing is not the most viable means of promoting the organization’s products.

Therefore, strategy is very important in mobile marketing as poorly planned entry into the field can result in poor response from the targeted consumers causing a wastage of funds spent in the promotion.