Facts About Mobile Marketing

With the increased competition in business as well as the cut throat competition in advertising, the need to stay ahead of the competition has become a matter of life and death. As a result marketers have embraced an innovative way of advertising whose popularity has grown rapidly on all corners of the world. This form of advertising is the relatively new mobile phone marketing which has been causing a lot of ripples in the advertisement industry.

Mobile marketing has been made popular largely due to the large number, billions, of mobile phone subscribers in the world. This means that a mobile marketer has a large pool of consumers lying there in for the taking. Mobile marketing has largely taken the form of mobile web page advertisements in form of banners or click-ons. WAP enabled phones have become affordable to most people and major brands have been quick to exploit this by placing their advertisements strategically in online pages regularly visited by phone users.

With the astronomical rise of social sites popularity, advertisers have had a field where they can display their adverts to a large audience. Most young people today are registered in at least one social site and log in regularly through their phones. This means that adverts placed in such sites, for example, FaceBook are guaranteed to make a major impact on FaceBook fans around the world. Furthermore, cute or catchy adverts on FaceBook end up being viral as users like them or share them and the result is additional advertisements that a mobile marketer pays nothing for.

Mobile phones have also provided an opportunity for big brands to transmit sponsored messages. Big brands can make communication on new products or promotional incentives through mobile SMS and the great thing is that they are guaranteed that there message will reach its target.

Companies like Pizza delivery stores have also turned their attention to mobile phones to make their communication. The stores can use messages to communicate the progress of an order or inform regular customers about new offers.

Innovations in mobile marketing do not end there as some companies, such as water and power companies in some countries have made mobile phone innovations in order to stay ahead of the competition. Measures taken by such companies include mobile applications that allow customers to pay their bills through their phones or make enquiries about balances in their accounts.

Banks too have embraced mobile marketing and most banks in some countries have developed mobile applications that customers can use to make withdrawals and deposits into their accounts. Furthermore, such applications also allow customers to pay their bills, for example, water bills with cash in their bank accounts without having to move from their house due to the linking established between such services by companies. These kind of innovations keep customers snared to a company and attract other customers from rivals due to the convenience of doing their transactions over the phone.

Mobile marketing is therefore, an advertising field with a lot still left to offer. This is because as the phone technology evolves, then the mobile marketing strategies will evolve too.