What to Know About Business SMS Marketing

Short message service texting for business purposes is pretty new in many countries as few businesses send SMS text messages to their customers or potential customers. Effective SMS marketing requires strategy as wrong approach might lead to customer irritation or even lawsuits over unsolicited messages. As a result, a business or marketer needs to consider several major issues before embarking on a text messaging campaign. The first question to consider is whether a marketer’s contacts want to be texted. Sending unsolicited or non permitted text messages especially, when done regularly can cause a lot of irritation to people. This can cause one to lose potential customers or worse still some people might decide to sue the sender.

Another useful tip in business SMS marketing is customization or personification of messages. Most mobile internet marketing companies usually have software that contains customization options. The customization option allows a business to customize their own messages as it is impossible for the needs of all companies to be similar. Marketers should therefore, tailor their own messages in the same way they would tailor messages sent through emails or any other form of direct marketing.

Another secret of successful mobile text marketing is establishment of different targets in the society. Different generations over the years associate with different styles, languages etc. The older generation for example, are unlikely to be excited by a promotion endorsed by a current generation hip hop star like Lil Wayne but are more likely to associate with an Elton John endorsed promotion. Furthermore religious beliefs and other beliefs should also be considered while targeting a group for a text message promotion. This is because a text message hailing beef in an Indian society is unlikely to go down well due to religious beliefs. After identifying a target group, a business should then tailor the message to suit their needs and tastes.

Timing is also very important in text marketing. The best time to send a text is generally considered to be in the afternoon. Text messages sent late at night or early in the morning when people are sleeping are likely to cause irritation to the recipient and end up giving them a bad opinion of the business.

In mobile text marketing, a business should recognize than marketing whether on phone or other media is a formal process. This means that although one can use light language and jokes, one should completely avoid using the popular and common SMS language which involves shortening of worlds for example “don’t” to “dnt” or “right” to “rite”.

Finally, a business should avoid sending long text messages, which apart from being a nuisance to the recipient when reading, they also cost more. The message sent should be short and to the point but should address the main points being sold to the customers. Though these tips are useful, they are not exhaustive and there are many other ways, which when applied by a business or marketer, can lead to successful mobile SMS marketing campaign.